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Garlan drew a BIGHORN SHEEP tag in 2005 and hired our help for the hunt.  We located 13 rams before the hunt, 5 or 6 of which were old trophy rams.  On the 2nd day late in the afternoon, we worked to within 150 yards of 3 of the big rams accompanied by 5 younger rams.  Snow, rain and the fading last of the shooting light contributed to a great situation becoming a missed running shot.  The next day we had a close call that could have easily turned into a 5 yard shot.  Each day we saw rams, waited worked for opportunities and shots, but another shot did not come about again until late on the 6th day.  4 rams started moving about 6:00 pm and when they moved to where we could move up for a shot we slipped in and Garlan made an excellent 250 yard shot dropping the ram where he stood.


This is steep rough country at over 12000 feet in elevation.  Sheep hunting is for fit, strong willed people that can push themselves to the limits for this fine trophy.

It was so steep where Garlan shot him that we had to tie him to the hill side to field dress and cut him up to pack him out.


Bighorn Sheep  -  success



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