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Paul drew a 4th season buck tag and had quite a hunt.


In 5 days he watched the rut come on.  It started with lots of does around as

each day it progressed.  First young bucks showing up, sniffing and following.  Then

bigger bucks and bigger bucks.  He saw lots of deer every day.  More and more

bucks each day.  He passed on all of them.  The big trophy bucks had not shown up.


The last afternoon of season, he started considering taking a lesser buck.  Maybe the young spike buck with one horn.  Maybe that small spike buck with one eye ball

hanging out, after a bigger buck kicked his butt.  Maybe let them all live.


But this buck, which he had seen early in the hunt just wouldn’t go away.  He had

multiple opportunities over the course of several hours and finally shot him.


On his way home early the day after season, he almost hit a big trophy buck on

the highway.  He drove back into the areas he had been hunting. 

The Big Bucks were chasing does.  Season ended one day too early.


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