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It was one of those snowy cold days where the snow came and went and when it was snowing you couldnít see very far at all.† John and Phil went looking for a big buck, and found this one.† He was laying in his bed down off in a draw and one of those waves of snow fall was just starting.† 285 yards and visibility getting harder, John decided to shoot and took him in his bed.† He looked a lot bigger than he turned out to be, so John didnít get the big buck he was after.† But that is okay.† He got a nice buck.† The next two days he was able to concentrate on family.† The next morning guiding his son Mason they got into the Elk and Mason shot a cow at 460 yards.† That evening Mason shot a doe and the next day they went out with Patty for her doe.†† We are eating good this winter.


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Quarter-Circle Circle Ranch
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