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Hi John-


We didn't just have a successful hunt, we had an AWESOME hunt!  Thank you so much for setting up our hunt and introducing us to Beau.  He is not just a guide....I think he is part elk!  He knew exactly where to find the elk, and in most cases, he knew exactly what the elk were going to do next.  It was really neat to watch a master at work.  We were close to killing herd bulls each of the first 2 days, and could easily have taken several lesser bulls.  Late on day 2 he spotted Randy's big 6x6 across the mountain, and told us we would have no problem getting close to the herd the next day.  True to his word, he called the 300+ bull to within 30 yards of Randy and I by 8:30 the next morning.  What an adrenalin rush!  And as if killing a massive bull isn't enough excitement in one day, before shooting him at 8:30AM we had already seen 12 elk, 2 moose, 4 big mule deer bucks, and 6 bighorn sheep.  What a day!


Sorry we weren't able to stop at your ranch on the way out but we didn't get out to the main road until 1AM, and we needed to get both bulls on ice ASAP.  As it was we didn't get to the hotel until 3:30AM.


Thanks again for all your help in making this the single best hunt my son and I have ever taken together.


Take care, and we hope to see you and your wife, Beau, and Ely again soon.


Kevin and Randy Stoddard   See Randy’s photo album page.


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